User Activity Monitoring platform for advertisers



Caprture 60% more user activities and make it owned by your business

Inevitable monitoring

Our platform captures 60% more data than other marketing trackers. Unlike others DAIVE can NOT be blocked by Ad Blockers, Apple ITP, iOS and other Tracking Preventions

Profitable marketing

We support ads conversion optimization for all major marketing platforms (Facebook, Google, etc.) to help you increase marketing ROI by 15-20% on average

Exceptional integrity

DAIVE operates with 99.9%+ consistency, removes duplicates and monitors end-to-end connection health. All events at DAIVE are encrypted and hashed

Sales Intelligence

DAIVE uses federated learning to enrich data and create custom audience, to increase ads targeting and remarketing precision by 10-20% on average

Innovative platform

Holistic suite of intelligent Customer Data products


User traking

Avoid being blocked using AI adaptation mechanism


Health Monitoring

Maintain high data consistency



Find and improve quality of Customer Data


100% GDPR & CCPA Compliant Solution

DAIVE protects sensitive information without compromising productivity

GDPR and CCPA requires CDP to be designed with privacy in mind. DAIVE organizes data access and control by the centralized model, which means that data is stored in a single encrypted place and accessed only for processing (addition, deletion, etc.).

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